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Pattern making win win lottery from Eleonora Orsini book-store

Our first win-win lottery with eBook 11 is FINISHED! 

Everyone received a gift cards!

Win win pattern making lottery by Eleonora Orsini and online book-store about pattern making

1- Alexandra Instagram@crazydenimlady Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
2- Sashi Instagram@sashirekha_9  Gift card "100 EUR"🎁
3- Stella Instagram@stellamaris98200  Gift card "100 EUR"🎁
4- Kendra Instagram@kdgberg  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
5- Natalee Instagram@iknatalee  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
6- Ana Instagram@anii37  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
7- Alessia Instagram@alemcmay  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
8- Maria Instagram@albertorebordelo  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
9- Karmele Instagram@karmelelerele  Gift card "100 EUR"🎁
10- Elizabeth Instagram@edenapparel_ca  Gift card "15 EUR"🎁
11- Beauty Instagram@bea_passion_palette  Gift card "15 EUR"
Eleonora Orsini author of pattern making eBook 11 "Blouse with bow"
Blouse with how by Alexandra, using pattern making eBook 11, author Eleonora Orsini
Layout by Sashi, made using making eBook 11, author Eleonora Orsini
Blouse with bow by Kendra, made using pattern cutting eBook 11 "Blouse with bow", author Eleonora Orsini
How to make blouse with bow pattern? Work by Natalee, using pattern making eBook 11, author Eleonora Orsini
Patrón blusa con lazo de Maria, libro electrónico eBook 11, Eleonora Orsini






  • Eleonora Orsini

    Chioma Emmanuel Itoje thanks! Purchasing eBooks are available after registration on site

  • Chioma Emmanuel Itoje

    I will like to get your e books

  • Eleonora Orsini

    Gift thank You so much!

  • Eleonora Orsini

    Adriana ¡Muchas gracias! Vi que descargaste el libro electrónico de regalo, estoy muy contento.

  • Gift

    I love your work and it has been helpful

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